Durian Kingdom HAPPY FRUIT Festival 8.8.2019

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Happy Faces paint a Thousand Words… HAPPINESS is Everything!

People from all over the world are experiencing a phenomenon with this Thorny Fruit – Musang King, the King Of Fruits – probably the Best Durian in The World

Surprisingly, Russians, Germans and Koreans kinda like Durians compared to other nationalities. South Americans may also accept this very special fruit.

Most Caucasians who have tried Durian have something common to say about the taste of Durian : tastes like Onion, Garlic and some kind of cheese. South Americans say it tastes like Jackfruit… But most say it does taste STRANGE and are mostly Confused with the sweet, pungent, creamy and “funny” taste that they’ve never experienced before…

The Treasure of Malaysia. Welcome to Durian Kingdom.